Protect your Startup

General liability insurance


Offers, as an office liability insurance policy, protection from third-party claims in events of personal injury or damage to property, ... mehr erfahren!

IT liability insurance


Standard office liability insurance policies do not include coverage for damages arising from the use of one’s own product or software. ... mehr erfahren!

Cybersecurity insurance


Protects your company from hackers and cyber-attacks. ... mehr erfahren!

Electronics insurance


Offers comprehensive coverage for all stationary and mobile communication devices, ... mehr erfahren!

D&O Versicherung


Managers and members of supervisory and executive boards can be held personally liable for erroneous and costly decisions they can be proven to have made. ... mehr erfahren!


Further meaningful insurances for your company might be:


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Geschäftsinhaltsversicherung Büro und Praxen
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Auslandsreisekranken-versicherung für Mitarbeiter
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